Elisia Ziva

The demonic owner of the Silver Compass in Requitae


Elisia is striking because of her sharp teeth and long horns. There aren’t that many tieflings around in Requitae, after all. Many people shirk her for her appearance, despite the fact that Elisia is openly very friendly to everyone who comes in the door. She can be pushy at times and often things get out of hand where Elisia is involved. Thus, people who know her well know when to back off from her latest scheme.

Elisia gives the distinct impression that she has her sights fixed on something more than her job. She sometimes forgets that she has customers and the service at the Silver Compass suffers because of that. However, she always provides top-notch service to the proprietors of The Dreaded Bowl.


Soren previously worked for Elisia as a jack-of-all-trades, keeping caravans safe, running the bar, and delivering messages to Silglen and Burle among other things. As she and Soren parted on amicable terms, they have remained friends.

Elisia Ziva

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