Hyrin Altrocar

The Quartermaster of the local roving Phaulkonites


Hyrin is a well-muscled, blonde Suel with dark blue eyes that seem to perceive more than they should. He is about 6 ft. tall. Hyrin is the jocular Quartermaster of the local Phaulkonite camp. On his chest, he has a tattoo of Phaulkon’s holy symbol: the silhouette of a winged, bare-chested human archer.
Indeed, Hyrin seems the personification of Phaulkin himself: an athletic archer of keen and impressive skill, with an air of easy-going that attracts people to him.

As the Quartermaster of the Phaulkonites, Hyrin rarely wears a shirt himself. When he does, it is sleeveless. He wears studded leather arm guards, pauldrons, and pants that protect him from most blows, but his body shows plenty of scarring from the obvious weak point in his armour. He wields a longbow with deft accuracy.


As a Quartermaster, Hyrin offers training in ranged weapons to the local militia and decides where the Camp will travel next.
Hyrin is also responsible for creating any additional programs that the Camp undertakes. Hyrin himself is famous for destroying over 100 Evil artefacts

Hyrin Altrocar

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