The mysterious druid responsible for sending guides into the Dreadwood


Reaghan’s face is completely unknown to the people of Requitae; never is it seen. Legend holds that Reynard Yargrove once knew what Reaghan looked like, but that is lost now.
Even Reaghan’s race and gender are completely unknown to the people of Requitae. Indeed, the only thing known about Reaghan’s appearance is that the creature is of average height for a human, elf, half-elf, half-orc, tiefling, aasimar, or any other Medium-sized humanoids. However, it is probably a safe bet that Reaghan is not a dwarf. Unless Reaghan is a dwarf on stilts.



DC 10 – Reaghan is the head of the druids in Requitae. Although the druids lack in formal structure due to the death of Reynard, if any of them need help, they go through Reaghan. Reaghan also organises escorts through the forest.
DC 15 – Reaghan’s appearance is unknown, and if it is known by the druids, they do not speak of it. Some stories say that Reaghan is a really ugly elf. Others say he’s a pair of halflings, one atop the others. Yet others say she’s actually a Yuan-Ti.
DC 20 – Reaghan is really old. The name of the old druid comes up as long as 100 years ago – and nobody knew his name then, either.
DC 25 – Reaghan was a personal friend of Reynard. The two knew each other well. This is why he is so trusted by the druids.

Reaghan is responsible for sending Druid ‘guides’ to escort travellers through the Dreadwood to Silglen. Without Reaghan’s blessing, no druid would leave for Silglen. As such, Reaghan is the most ‘executive’ druid in Requitae.


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