Rengar 'Sebastian' Whitemane

A Noble Barbarian, Who enjoys reading and polite discussion but when roused has the fury of a Great Bear!


Rengar is a heavily muscled man who, stands around 6 foot 3 inches, h has numerous scars going across his body. He has white hair and green eyes and is obviously of Suel descent except for the fact that he isnt pale, he is very tanned and he is covered by a great deal of hair. He is in his early 30’s, and despite his rough, and somewhat fearsome appearance, he is relatively well educated and speaks with a very friendly tone.His primary weapon is a Maul, that is named Skull Splitter and it looks like a giant rounded and relatively smooth rock has been attached to a handle and called a weapon.


Born in Endereisen to his parents Dogryn and Alicia Whitemane, Sebastian was a bundle of joy that brought much enjoyment to his family. Even as he grew older and seemed to not ‘fit’ in with the society of nobles in Endereisen, he parents and siblings Sasha (older sister) and Tobryn (younger brother) still found him to not be an embarrassment or a joke to the family, he acted with grace and all the social niceties that one would expect coming from some of the ‘elite’ members of Endereisen noble society. So it was with great sadness for his family when they awoke on Sebastian’s 16th birthday to find him gone with a note saying that he loved them dearly but that he had to leave to find his place in the world.

As the young boy set off on his journey he headed upwards encountering many obstacles and challenges along the way, one of his defining moments on his trip was when he had become set upon by bandits, he didnt have much stuff with him, a good 3/4 of a year on his own trying to survive and barely being able too had made sure of that, he had never been a small person and he had always had a fascination with being outside and even just training with the guards and his time spent surviving had hardened and toughened him till he was almost 17 and was very well muscled, but he was unarmed and the bandits decided they wanted what little food he had left and his small amount of money, accosting the boy and demanding that he hand over all his belonging’s or they would kill him, Sebastian refused as one of them stabbed Sebastian, something broke inside the boy and there was a terrifying roar as the beast that had been locked inside all his life was finally set free, he broke the mans arm before using the same short sword that had just stabbed him to disembowel the bandit, seeing this the other bandits quickly circled around and prepared to kill the young boy but it was all for naught, by the time of the next dawn there was 4 dead bandits and one severely wounded young boy, a large, surprisingly smooth and rounded rock in the end serving as his primary weapon, as his eyes began to close a man appeared in front of him and told him not to worry, everything would be fine, then he passed out and didnt awake for a week.

Rengar 'Sebastian' Whitemane

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