Soren Vorici

Mage who also uses a sword a bit.


Wears a long, brilliant white coat. Slightly taller than average.


One of several children from a relatively major merchant family from Bissel. When his children were of age the patriach of the family (Arvid Vorici) decided that the one to inherit the family business would be chosen by giving each sibling an initial amount of money, and the business would be granted to whoever had made the most money after 5 years. In Soren’s case, his business fell into ruin at the end of the first year due to circumstances entirely out of his control.

To make up for this loss, Soren decided to take up adventuring, using the skills he had learnt earlier in his life, when he had studied magic and swordplay. Unfortunately, this did not return money quickly enough to make up for the earlier misfortune. In the face of this, Soren decided not to return home until he had enough money to be able to buy out the family business, in a form of misguided revenge.

Soren Vorici

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